MBA Internal Assessment - 40 Marks

Course   Internship   Thesis Work
IA SEE IR OE vv Ttal TR EV vv Total
40 60 40 20 40 100 40 20 40 100
IA =Internal Assessment
SEE = Semester End Examinations IR = Internship Report
TR = Thesis Report
VV = Viva-voce
OE = Organizational Evalution EV = External Evaluation

The evaluation process for the theoretical courses of 100 marks is divided into two parts. The first part-consists of Internal Assessment (IA) and the second part consists of the Semester End Examination (SEE). The internal (Internal Assessment) and Semester End Examinations will carry 40 marks and 60 marks MBA in each course except Thesis and Internship. The pass mark for the Internal Assessment shall be 16 marks MBA. Similarly for Semester End Examinations 24 marks for MBA.

A candidate must have at least of 80% attendance of the number of classes offered in each course to be eligible for appearing for Semester End Examination. If the candidate has shortage of attendance in any course in a demester. However the Dean may permit to appear in the concerned examination if the Dean is satisfied with the resons cited by the candidate in his/ her application for her/his absence in classes with the due recommendation of the Campus Chief/ Coordinator and the concerned subject teacher.

Internal Assessment: The faculty, who teaches the course. shall conduct the Internal Assessment. The faculty shall be accountable for transparency and reliability of the entire evaluation of the student in the concerned Course. The internal assessment of the students shall be as per the criteria given below.

Nature of Assessment Weightage
Class Test I (After 30% course coverage)
Class Test II ( After 60% course cpverage)
40% (Average of best two)
Class Test III/Term Paper ( After complete coverage) MBA -16 marks
Attendance 120%
95% above- 100% of marks
90% to 95%- 80% of marks
80% to 90%- 70% of marks
MBA-8 marks
Group Discussion/ Class Participation Participation- 40% of marks Argument- 40% of marks
Leading/ Convincing- 20% of marks MBA-8 marks 20% Presentation Presentation Content- 30% of marks Communication -50% of marks Organization of presentation-20% of marks 20% MBA- 8 marks

Note: In case a student fails to secure 16 out of 40 for MBA in the internal assessment (all four components taken together). she/ he/she shall not be allowed to appear for the Semester Ene Examinations. If candidate is not appearing in internal examination. she/ he will be allowed one more ehance to appear for retest and her/ his passing marks (actual marks obtained in retest or passing marks whichever is less) will be consider for grade only.

Record of the Internal Assessment should be maintained by concerned colleges and made available to the office of campus chief/ Coordinator. Dean. Faculty of Management holds the right to ask for records of internal assessment from any college/ campus after completion of semester. The details of records are to be maintained for one year from the date of Semester End Examinations.

Semester End Examination: The Senester End Examination for the theoretical courses will be in written form of 60 marks for MBA. The University shall conduct this examination for each course at the end of each Swmester. The duration of examination shall be 3 hours for each course. The objective of the Semester End Examinations is to examine the candidate's creativity, comprehenson. problem solving ability, interpretation. and awareness capabilities.