Facilitators' View

It is the matter of joy to have worked in KVC as a facilitator for more than a decade.


During teaching and learning process in each class I've made sure to tell my students what to do how to do, where to do. when to do and most importantly why do it. My stdents in BBA/MBA and EMBA

classes have fully supported in understanding the topics. issues and put in their best ideas to build up the enthusiastic environment. This has always been the culture of KVC.

Subha Rb. Amatya (Lecturer)

Organizational Behaviour/Behavioural Science


Kantipur Valley College has already been the centre of attraction for the students. now it is striving to be the centre of excellence by practicing students' centric learning"

Dinesh Basnet

Lecturer. MBA 11/111 Semesters

Provided an individual is with an intensive appetite for knowledge with commensurate blending of theory and practice. accompanied with plenty of other resource tools and pools for generation of skills, modification of attitude, promotion of smart work guidelines. Kantipur Valley College is an option atop. It is such a unique educational shrine. where people with mind, ideas. zeal and vision have convened; and have fused for innovations. Far-sighted managements, energetic and stupendous working team, and inquisitive cum assiduous students have been making my four years of stay worth memorizing; and that is sure to leave me mesmerizing effect for the whole future. I feel fortunate to have association with; and rightful to expect same ahead and wish good luck to all, who step at KVC.


Dahal, Atindra

Lecturer. MBA

KVC is an ideal college that intermingles academic knowledge with the real world. A very cooperative environment with of the resources of KVC. Our pedagogy has definitely made the studetns more desirable candidates for a leadership position and at the same time provided a tangible framework to think outside of the box. Our courses are very relevant to the jobs which make learning more interesting. The visionary team of KVC has helped the students develop their personal, academics and professional skills.

Having had more than two decades experience in the field of teaching. I have come to know that learning is not a receptive task. It is active, pro-active even. Yet, if they are able to see or feel a need for something; if they have a personal interest in something; or they just want the challenge; they have the "Why" are ready to learn actively. Last but not least, I extend a cordial invitation to our +2 graduates for BBA and Bachelors'degree holders for MBA and EMBA to visit our college and feel the difference.

Shiva Raj Pant (Lecturer (BBA/MBA/EMBA)Banker)

If you are thinking about your future educaiton goals and asking yourself, you CAN do it or not... let me professionally tell you that you CAN, but with the help of Kantipur Valley College.

Raju Singh (Lecturer, HRM/International Business, MBA)

It's a matter of immense pleasure for me to jot down my views about KVC where I have spent almost half a decade of dedication and enthusiasm mentoring hundreds of students. I have got an ample opportunity here to translate my knowledge, vision and experience. Obviously KVC is caring haven of higher educaion where all aspiring students get a chance to learn through support and collaboration. It has set a tangible evidence of academic excellence in the country. The college is able to make a great leap forward through team spirit and shared vision amongst eveyone of the KVC family.We live in a highly competitive and complex world. Everyone is likely to face a cut-throadt competition. One can survive the toughest competition if armed with quality education. A qualification gained at KVC through well-versed, experienced and amicable faculty members will be instrumental in finding right direction in a cluttered environment to reach your destination. Join KVC and have a successfull and scintillanting professional future.

Chet Nath Panta

<(Lecturer in English, BBA/EMBA.Textbook Author)>

If there is any feasibility that Nepal has in product to supply on global market is education. Day by day, due to this reason. the necessity of getting higher education from renowned institution has increased here in Nepal.

Still having lots of potentiality in some institutions, upcoming graduates are confused on selecting better place to pursue the post graduate courses. In such a scenario, to educate yourself on management education as MBA. EMBA. Kantipur Valley College would be the better option, which stands on the front list among the good institutions in the Kathmandu Valley.

Working as a post graduate lecturer. vision they have determined, culture they have developed and team they have formed courage me to work for quality on education. makes me rank KVC as a good education hub herein the valley. I wish all the best to KVC to move forward in order to establish as an International Business school in the days ahead.

Santosh Acharya

Lecturer. MBA/EMBA

My greater achievement is students' achievement. I would like to facilitate my students by using of ICT. self learning approach. collaboratine approach and contextualizing teaching pedagogy and I'm faciliating so. In my opinion. explaining the statement printed in text book is not only teaching & learning, integration or the printed idea and real life situation is teaching & learning process. Facilitator of KVC (PU)

Dhakal, Durga Prasad

M.Phil in progress (KU)

Graduation in Mathematics (TU)


"A unique teaching methodology of the college might be one of the most life changing events the student will experience. As a faculty member. I have witnessed how students. from a variety of academic backgrounds. have come away with a deeper understanding of course material and a meaningful connection to their discipline."

Er. Sunetra Pradhanang

Course Facilitator (MBA & EMBA), KVC

Banker, Prime Commercial Bank Limited

Choosing the right college is an important decision for BBA and MBA students. By any criteria ours in a unique college we provide programs for the most able students to those with special learning needs. Students are heartily welcome to those who want to achieve professional degree. Every student's contribution is equally valuable and their development is of equal importance to us. We are here to set you up for your future - to do this, we'll make sure you not only get the qualifications you need, but we'll also develop your personal, employability and enterprise skills. All we ask from you is commitment and in return we will get you where you want to be.We are located at Kumaripati, a safe &sound and compassionate community and we have a rich blend of rural and urban students with a diversity of cultures. All the students are welcome as we are a truly comprehensive multicultural co-educational college.

Jhabindra Pokharel

Lecturer. MBA

At KVC, we want students to enjoy and be challenged by their education and we seek to be a college at the cutting edge of innovative education in Nepal.We are working with students, parents. educationists and the wider community to build a learning environment where MBA students are encouraged and supported to develop a wide range of passions and interests and to explore these areas with confidence as self-directed learners.

We believe that this is more likely to happen when students feel a strong sense of ownership and control over their own learning, feel like they can have a genuine say in the running of their college and see staff as their supporters. So give it a try to visit KVC for BBA and MBA degrees and to identify the real milieu of the college.

Ram Kumar Thapa

Lecturer. MBA