Guest Lecturer's View

First of all, I appreciate your blindly and friendly treatment with me sincerely and hope you and your college would be developing and distributing for not only local community but also global ones in the future. I had also experienced so precious and auspicious occasion such as ceremony of marriage for the first time with the help of the president. It was most deeply impressed event and also everything was so new and interested to me. Especially ceremony such as negotiations between groom and some celebrators as for money was so exciting and interesting. The most of students seem to be very eager in their studies and also as diligent. While we Japanese are often insisting necessity to promote students to experience working now a days, around half of the students here have something like a job beside studying at college. It was most deeply impressed also. They get up around 5 O'clock in the morning and go to college up to around 10:30 and then go to work late at night. They are very diligent students in that meaning.

To compel myself to advise to them once you start going something, you should completely do it to the end believing like following saying"Continuation is power !" Last but not least. thank you very much for your warm welcome for me.

Prof. Kenji Kinebuchi

Department of English

University of Tokyo, Japan

14 Dec. 2012

"Who are supported to be the Managers". I found participants were cooperative and interesting. I really enjoyed a lot taking a class.

Thank you

Prof. Dr. Shushil Bhakta Mathema

TU, Nepal

I am highly grateful to the College Management for giving opportunity to express my feeling and observation regarding pattern and forms of quality of management education.

I am highly impressed with the activity of the management team who are making every effort to impar qualitaive and competitive education to the students.

Congratulation to all faculties for their enddeavour to the strengthen the competitive education.

Prof. Dr. Upendra Koirala

TU, Nepal


It is my immense pleasure to be with the faculty members of Kantipur Valley College to have some of my experience & skills related to students quality circles and problem based case studies today. I found the faculty members enthusiastic and proactive in learning the new practices in education. I admire their nice participation in the workshop. I believe they well implement the learning's of the workshop in their classes among students which will enhance the quality of education of this college. I wish all the best of this institution in the path of its continuous improvement.

Thanking you once again

Nirajan Adhikari

General Sececratary,

SQC Master Trainer

Quest- Nepal


Little Angels' School

25 Magh, 2070

Fusion of the academic Knowledge and practical education is essential for the effective life. MBA students participated the orientation on life Skills and gained general knowledge on the framework of quality living with self-esteem. set goals. assertiveness. positive thinking, creative and critical thinking the participants went through the overall concept of life skills prescribed by world Health organization and UNICEF. Some practical exercises on self-esteem goal setting, decision making, Stress Management. Trust Building. I found the students were enthusiastic, energetic, and aware of the quality life. They all participated excitingly and made a commitment for the skillful! living in the future life professionally and personally. Thanking you all !

Bachchu Ram Basnet

Life Skills Trainer & National Motivator


It is my greater pleasure to have a motivational guest speech at KVC. I found great experience and highly disciplined students. They were highly positive. and curious with pro-active response. I wish successful and joyful days of KVC in the Future.

Tuk Bdr. Rana

MD- Oxygen Mgt.

Services Nepal Putalisadak. KTM


I am very happy and grateful to Kantipur Valley College & all supporting team for conducting Seminar Series course. The new course introduced in revised MBA sylabus and making this course successful. As a a faculty of management Campus; Constetuent Campus of Purbanchal University, I feel proud to be a part of seminar series course which was first time introduced by Purbanchal University and became the first university in Nepal to introduce the course.

I thank KVC for your warm hospitality extended to us and made our stay pleasurable. Thanks a lot & hope to visit again. Congratulation to all students for their hardwork. A special thank goes to Ananta Rai & Jeetendra M. Amatya for your kind coperation. Thanks

Dr. Uttam Kr. Regmi

(Faculty, Mgmt Campus, PU)


I would like to thank you KVC for providing a guest lectureship opportunity and I would like to thank Mr. Santosh Acharya who has co-ordinated me for this program. It was very nice experience for me, students were sincere and eager to learn new things. The questions raised by the students were quite logical based and to the point focused. Thanking you

Ram Sharan Upreti



First of all thank you very much to Kantipur Valley College for the opportunity given for the orientation program. I felt the students were very much proactive and participative and hope the experience sharing of mine would help them focus on their career in Banking if they chose to go with. Overall logistic support of the college was really good to run the class smoothly.

Thank you!.

Gyanendra Karki Banker,

Sidhartha Bank

7 April, 2014

First of all, I am very appreciate of KVC and Ananta sir for inviting me to the motivational workshop. The session always goes well when there is enthusiasm from the faculty and there was that. The students were very attentive and alert. They participated beautifully with a very positive attitude and this made me enjoy the workshop as well. I had a futuristic session. Thanks to the college faculty and students.

Shreshna Basnet

Edior, Bar Peepal Tree

Former Lecturer of St. Xavier's College & Kathmandu University


It was a great experience to present a workshop as a CO-presenter on case study research. KVC's endeavoour to practically utilize the management tools and techniques in the college work-problem is highly admirable and since quality is not a one time job but a continuous process, planned and regular conduction of such programs will definitely add value tothe life of students glory of the college and the entire nation.

During the session wonderful faculties, well-managed and highly effective.

Singa Lama

SQC Master Trainer

Quest - Nepal

25 Magh, 2070