From Former Minister



Biotechnology is one of the prominent fields of the modern era. This Applied Science has a special application in Agriculture, Health, Food industries and Conservation programs. In last few decades, Biotechnology practice has been the culture of the developed nations. The developing nations like ours with lots of resources and still to be explored, have lots of opportunities to use them for the betterment of our humankind and eventually our economy. I personally feel proud by coming to know that Kantipur Valley College (KVC) has launched Biotechnology program amongst the offered courses. This is a great attempt of a private institute like KVC to invest in a field, which requires a huge capital and mobilization of highly qualified academicians/researches. I am sure that this will surely contribute for the fabrication of future researchers and scientists and this manpower will surely be the great assets for our country in the coming days. As the former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology of Nepal Government, I can assure that the future days of Biotechnology graduates in Nepal will be glorious.


Once again, my gratitude to Kantipur Valley College for its great effort. I would like to wish the institution for its better future.


Ganesh Shah

Former Minister

Environment, Science and Technology

Government of Nepal