Management Coordinator Says



Hari Prasad Poudel

On behalf of the institution and on my own behalf, I would like to extend my hearty welcome to you at KVC. KVC is committed towards fulfilling this need by training young managers in all-round aspects. Our curriculum and teaching pedagogy focuses on equipping the students with all the knowledge and expertise in detailing with the corporate word as we strive to accomplish our vision and mission of giving an international exposure to our students which will groom young managers to be complete value driven human beings.

KVC has left its imprint over the years in promoting BBA, MBA and EMBA. With all its rural background the college has made ground-breaking endeavor in uplifting the social-political and economic condition of the Nepalese people. It offers good education to the students as bullets or seeds; one can shoot them or sow them; hit the students in their head with them or plant in their hearts. Education served as bullets will exterminate inspiration and neutralize the motivation whereas educatin offered as seeds, will take wwwkxyfss, grow and turn into reality in the life in which they are planted.

The college has played a salient and decisive role in shaping the intellectual revolution of the nation by exploring all the avenues of knowledge and perception, discipline and decision making. In addition to ardent academics, the students are also exposed to small light projects giving them action-learning opportunities. Their projects are evaluated by industry experts and the professionals to understand the firmness of corporate life. KVC extends a warm invitation to +2 graduates for BBA and Bachelors' degree holders and above for MBA and EMBA to visit our college to explore how knowledge can make a difference to shape your destiny.

Choice is yours. Decision is yours. But just make it perfect.

Hari Prasad Poudel
Progam Co-ordinator
Department Of Management