Semester Cycle
Total Number of Courses- 40 Total Credit- 120

Semester-I (15 Credit Hours)
1. F0-111: Business Mathematics
2. FO-112: English
3. F0-113: Business Economics
4. MGT-114: Financial Accounting-1
5. MGT-115: Principles of Management
Semester-II (15 Credit Hours)
1. F0 -121: Business Communications
2. FO -122: Macro Economic Analysis and Policy
3. FO -123: Business Stattstics
4. MGT -124: Prtnciples of Marketing
5. MGT-125: Financial Accounting-II
Semester-III(15 Credit Hours)
1.MGT-131: Cost and Management Accounting
2.MGT-132: Business Finance
3.MGT-133: Database Management System
4.MGT-134: Marketing Management
5.MGT-135: Business Environment of NepaL
Semester-IV (15 Credit Hours)
1.MGT-141: Business Law
2.MGT-142: Financial Management
3.MGT-143: Taxation and Auditing
4.MGT-144: Human Resource Management
5. MGT-145: Quantitative Techniques for Business
Semester-V (15 Credit Hours)
1.MGT-151: Research Methodology and Report Writing
2.MGT-152: Production and Operations Management
3.MGT-153: Banking and lnsurance
4.MGT-154: Project Management
5.MGT-155: 0rganizational Behavior
1.MGT-161: Management Information System (MIS)
2.MGT-162: Public Finance
3.MGT-163: Total Quality Management
4.MGT-164: Tourism Management
5.MGT-165: Entrepreneurship Development
Semester-vII(15 Credit Hours)
1.MGT-171: Supply Chain Management (2 Cr)
2.MGT-172: E-commerce (2 Cr)
3.MGT-173: Internship (5 cr)
4.XXX-l71: Specialization-l
Semester-Vlll(15 Credit Hours)
1.CAP-181:International Business
2.CAP-182:Strategic Management
5. XXX-185 0R XXX-186: Specialization-5
Specialization area
Marketing (Any Five) Sem-7
1.MKT-171: Specialization 1-Consumer Behavior
2.MKI-172: Specialization 2-Advertising and Sales promotion
Sem-8 (Any Three)
3.MKT-183: Specialization 3-Sales and Distribution Management
4.MKT-184: Specialization 4-Marketing of Services
5.MKT-185: Specialization 5-Brand Management
Finance (Any Five) Sem-7
1.FIN-171: Specialization 1-Capital Structures
2.FIN-172: Specialization 2-Working capital Management
Sem-8 (Any Three)
3.FIN-183: Specialization 3-Financial Institutions and Market
4.FIN-184: Specialization 4-Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
5.FIN-l85: Specialization 5-Capital Investment and Financing Decisions