Experts View

I was conferred Fullbright scholarship for Master's degree in Biotechnology at Columbia University, New York, USA. During my stay at the States, I found Biotechnology the world's demanding field. Now my knowledge has motivated me to serve my country where I have seen tons of scope in Biotechnology. Biotechnology incorporates medical field where Biotechnological tools like PCR, RT-PCR, ELISA, Western Blot, and Gel Electrophoresis are used for the diagnosis diseases to give reliable result. I recommend students to get maximum information about those modern medical technologies by enrolling into Biotechnology Program.

Anuroop Manandhar, MA Biotechnology

Research Officer, Kathmandu Model Hospital

At KVC, we have a team of trained and qualified mentors who would guide you through theoretical and practical classes which are as per the international standard. I assure you that KVC will be a right step to expand your scientific horizon through equal exposure to field and research work. So I confidently say that KVC is the perfect platform for shaping your future in Biotechnology

Salyan Bhattarai

Former coordinator. KVC

Prevailing era is beinq escorted by the globally applied and result oriented discipline of science called biotechnology which has aroused the global attention to answer the inquisitive queries the field of medicine, plant ScienCe, environmental science, food technology, animal science and microbial science. As a lecturer in Kantipur Valley College (KVC) for a year, I can definitely say that Department of Biotechnology has a very challenging, complete and innovative curriculum that is sure to fortify the better career and profession to the enrolled outstanding students with the combination of real experimental learning opportunities in the theoretical as well as practical aspects in the well-equipped advance laboratories."

Jagat Krishna Chippi Shrestha

Lecturer - Biochemistry/ Mol. Biology Research Assistant, NAST

Biotechnology is a promising field, not only in global scenario but also immensely in Nepal premise, where every young mind can find his/her way to multidimensional area, from medicine to natural science and application. Specifically, B-tech Biotechnology course itself gives a huge platform for young minds to develop research skills, understand the depth of the science and always engraves the path to innovation and entrepreneurship. Our experiences by far at KVC have been enlivening, where we are bond with technician, researcher, academician, and entrepreneur. We encourage young fellows to choose B-tech Biotechnology because its one of the greatest demands of upcoming science and technology to support any nation.

Surendra Raj

Lecturer Genetic Engineering & Biochemistry

B.Tech Biotechnology program offered in KVC is a professional degree course. It is one of the best integrative disciplines in life science. The course is the blend of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetic Enqineerinq and others. It is a frontier area and a pioneering program in Nepal. It offers a science enthusiast to explore new technological base to understand life science, understand the principles behind and employ engineering principles into life science to discover pathways for betterment of mankind. Biotechnology graduate students can establish themselves in various disciplines including Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Bioengineering and many. Kantipur Valley College is a dignified institution to establish this study prograrm with adequate facilities. KVC has provided a good platform with good lecturers, industrial visit and research guidance As per my experience in KVC as an adjunct lecturer I believe that the college has enough resources to assist you to shape up your career as you desire.

"Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." - Richard P. Feynman

Pradeep Shrestha

Lecturer - Microbiology & Plant Tissue Culture

KGSP Scholar for Doctoral degree in Chemical engineering in Pusan National University, S. Korea.

Science is always fascinating KVC is a good platform to explore Science even more. Energetic faculty is a key for good education. I am really privlaged to be a member of KVC. Last but not least I would like to profoundly recommend you to join Biotechnology and be the part of KVC.

Niraj Aryal

Lecuturer - Cytogenetics