Congratulations on topping the Purbanchal University in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in the batch of 2069. Also are seen Principal and Vice-Principal of KVC during the Prize-Giving Ceremony on the 11th Anniversay Day


With my great pleasure and pride, I have completed Masters of Business Administration securing the topmost position at PU from KVC. Whatever I visualized at KVC yesterday has been actualised today owing to ever dedicated,experienced and acclaimed faculty members and exceedingly co-operative administrative staff on the journey to my two years study at KVC, I learnt it saying, “ if something is done with understanding of the mind, responsibility on the shoulders and honestly in the heart, nothing is beyond the reach. Thanks to it, I am here today. So I cordially invite you to join KVC and be like me Anil Kumar Jha.


Thanking you!
Anil Kumar Jha
University Topper, MBA - 2069
CGPA 4.0