Medical Research Centers:

To identify various diseases and solve them by innovative method.

Agriculture Research Centers:

To increase the yield of various crops and animal products.Production of Bt cotton,Golden Rice etc.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories:

To screen palnt cells rather than the whole plants for advantageous character like herbicide resistance,regeneration of novel hybrids plants,virus free plants and their mass propagation.

Pharmacutical And Neutraceutical Company:

Being on research and development sector one can test the quality of the drug and introduce new medicine for the treatment of specific diseases.

In-Vitro Fertilization Center:

To study the posssibilities of test tube baby for infertile couple.

Wildlife Conservation Center:

To conserve the wild life by using molecular tools.

Genetic Counselor:

Work as a member of health care team.To provide and support families or patient with genetic diseases.

National Forensic Laboratories:

Investigate the crime by using technology like DNA fingerprinting.

Food/Diary Industries:

To improve the quality of foods.

To increase the quality and quantity of healthy dairy products,To improve the strain and preserve microbes.

Bio/Chemical Industries:

To produce different demanding products by using biological systems and chemical materials.

Research And Diagnostic Laboratories


Further Studies