B.Tech Biotechnology is a four-year (eight semesters) program that will enable you to study a globally important area of applied science in greater depths. The program contains specified set of courses with an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, making the graduates highly eligible both in Nepal and around the world, where there is a strong demand for researchers, technical developers, inventors, innovators and science managers.

This program has been designed in consultation with industries and researchers. In your fourth and final year you will undertake a project internship within one of the research areas, a local industry or company, which will be facilitated by the college. Having these foundations you will be well prepared for employment and research in your selected specialized field. After the degree you will have good employment prospects or the opportunity to complete further studies like M. Tech or M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biotechnology or related field of interest.


Bachelors of Business Administration or BBA is a Four-year full time course that is designed to give rise to future professionals, rather than mere degree holders'. This course keeps in mind the needs of the industry where the students would ultimately find jobs and, therefore, has a complete different approach to learning.
Evidence has shown that receiving degree from any other streams cannot meet the demand of the competitive market; So BBA has become the well-liked course in the globe. It is also learnt that more than 60% of the Higher Secondary graduates are eager to join BBA for securing the future in their professional life.


Students from any stream Science, Management and Humanities are eligible to study BBA. A minimum of 40% in the +2 Level is a must to be considered to sit for the entrance exam. On passing the entrance exam only the student will be allowed to join BBA.

A professional Degree:

BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. Instead, it sharpens your Managerial skills through Presentations, Case Studies, Industry Visits, Guest lectures by professionals that help you deal with real-life situations better.
A structured syllabus: Almost 70%of the subjects taught in the BBA course, be it areas of Management like Marketing, Finance, Systems or Human Resources Management, is similar to that in the MBA program. Theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom are supported by practical experience in the form of Projects, Presentations, Industrial visits and internship placements, thereby making the course a complete learning experience.


Fall Session (yearly admission)
Total number of seats: 80 for two sections