As we take faculty members as a pinnacle force, the college enhances the skill of teachers from time to time by providing world-class training. At KVC, students are taught by a faculty that understands not just the theory but also the real world. Students' close contact with these professionals enables them to build relationships with mentors who are there not just during the time of their study but also as they continuously develop themselves into the future. Our professional lecturers use their own research to ensure that the programs are innovative.

Faculty Room:

Faculty Members have been provided a peace room with a range of reading materials. They lead the students towards light. They enrich the college with the atmosphere of affection, warmth, trust, togetherness and openness.

Administrative Staff:

We have got highly qualified, experienced and dutiful staffs that have been doing their jobs with honesty and prompt activities. They are exceedingly dedicated.

KVC students (B-Tech Biotechnology, BBA, MBA & EMBA)

The students at KVC are genuine, dedicated, devoted and understandable. Each group is handpicked to ensure a mix of diversity that students can learn from. Due to homey atmosphere and fact that students work closely among them and they will develop deep friendships that form the basis of an established international network of contacts. This network of relationships will support the students not just through their studies but also as they develop their career over time.

KVC Society

A society comprises of many individuals in different tiers with various thoughts but all putting sincere efforts to make one another's life harmonious. Students are to be provided with the due exposure of the society so that they can understand the essence of togetherness to lead the life and thus, learn to be grateful to all.

A student in association with the society knows the realities of life; our tradition and customs and can choose the rooms to uplift the social status as per the nature and interest.